EVOV 518 Teacher Observation Form

EVOC 518 Scholar's Name: Buford Q. Fernporker

Name of Instructor Observed: Ms. Mary Cattlepond

Date & Place of Observation: July 4, 2013 at Somethingorother H.S.


Specific Examples of Effective Teaching:

 Ms. Cattlepond had her class completely under control from the very beginning of the lesson. She wrote the word "Archeology" on the board and asked the students to read the word out loud followed by a brief discussion of what they thought the word meant or was about. Following the discussion, she wrote the word "Anthropology" on the board and explained the relationship of the two words. After this anticipatory set, she explained to the students that they would be learning about the 3 job titles of an archeologist: a garbage collector, a time traveler and a detective.

The lesson was extremely well organized and paced as she used very creative examples to illustrate the various job functions. Her presentation was energetic and enthusiastic which reflected very careful planning. The class was focused throughout the lesson and completely hypnotized by the story of Carolyn.

This was a fabluous lesson that allowed students to work completely up to the top level of Bloom's taxonomy.

Ms. Cattlepond had a very good lesson plan that indicated what her students were expected to be able to do as the result of instruction. She was happy to provide me a copy of that lesson plan and it is attached to this form.


Specific Suggestions for Improvement:

It was obvious that this was a very highly crafted lesson. It was difficult to find anything major to suggest although the closure could have been stronger and perhaps there should have been an activity or quiz to ensure that students did indeed acquire the knowledge she was trying to give them. So I would suggest more activities and formal assessment to make this lesson absolutely perfect.